Rideau River Kitchen Redesign

This mid-century river walkout was an absolute joy to transform for a young dynamic professional couple.  They acquired a Rideau River property with a million dollar view and wanted to take advantage of this extraordinary feature.  

 The existing older galley kitchen had seen better days and was an interior space with no view or natural light.  Our recommendation? Take advantage of the cathedral ceiling sunroom and open up the kitchen to create a large, open-concept entertaining zone, with a chef’s kitchen. This new, ready-for-anything space would act as the heart of the home with an impactful sense of arrival.   

Working with an economical budget we provided guidance on space planning, kitchen functionality and total aesthetic. Knowing our clients worked from home a generous amount of time we integrated storage and power solutions dedicated to keeping technology accessible yet out of sight, which resulted in a dramatic floating walnut island as a grounding element. The overall result with a budget-minded approach was a fully customized high-end transitional kitchen that was youthful, bright and cheerful with touches of industrial chic and a good dose of drama to achieve that ‘wow’ factor. The statement that this view deserved.  

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