Beacon Hill North Kitchen Design

Our clients were a couple about to retire, who wanted to stay in their family home where they raised their children. They knew their kitchen was not working to its full potential but were unsure how to make the best changes or where to start. It was important their new kitchen yielded the feeling of a fresh, new environment that offered timeless longevity but didn’t break the bank. 

Knowing that the kitchen now needed the space to accommodate two people regularly, we reconfigured it to suit our clients’ lifestyle change. We increased counter space significantly for preparation and presentation, making it intrinsically more functional but also yielding a greater sense of luxury. Storage was increased and planned around our understanding of their cooking and entertaining style, and how they move through the space.  

Our clients were comfortable and very much aware of their own sense of style – simplicity was the driving force behind their aesthetic. We removed all unnecessary embellishments and used a classic, neutral palette while introducing texture with rich walnut touches. Knowing their penchant for entertaining, we included integrated lighting to allow easy control of ambiance.  

This project was a joy to work on!